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In life there is no such thing of STRAIGHT LINE ACTION, no matter what your choice career might be you will find some challenges that will turn into minor stresses or big stresses to hold you back at work. I want to share with you some powerful creative ways to implement in your working days so that you can be as productive as possible; no matter what causes your stress at work.

1. You need a healthy office snacks

When you are at work allow yourself to avoid any type of office food unless that food is full of protein and fiber. Some people give themselves the habit of eating food out of vending machine or drink more than 2 to 3 cups of coffee. This makes them dehydrated by eating more than they should. I experienced that moment trust me it was not a good feeling to handle. Don’t try to experience it you are not going to like it.

Here is another big work stressor, when you are at work and you are focusing on prepackaged food brought from home. Even if you are at work believe me your mind is far from what you are doing till you finally go and grab that food to eat.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t tell you it’s a bad thing to bring your food from home but it simply a way to create stress for yourself when you are focusing on it; don’t ask me how I used to feel when people or my coworkers were going back and forth where my food used to be. Funny but true, that increased my hunger and my stress level!

2. Give yourself the habit to meditate at lunch hour

Any time you find yourself working at your lunchtime it’s an opening door to increase your stress level; especially if you already have the habit to take lunch on time. As you know in life there is what we call non-prearranged circumstances, to be ready for a situation like that where you have to work at your lunchtime.

You need a well determined mind. A mind that allows you to anticipate certain circumstances and be ready for being productive at all time.

You obtain a mind like that in meditation and visualization. You don’t know how to meditate nor to visualize? It is simple just use this tool below to get on the road.

3. In your meditation you can practice affirmations like.

This minute is just a tiny victory in my entire career, and just like all other things, I will take it with me, and shine with it!

I have the confidence to be a skilled professional in my particular field. I do recognize my talent, so do my co-workers and my boss.

The more I go the extra mile for each and every project I take on, the more I am monetarily compensated for it.

Affirmations keep your head up and keep you more positive in life.

4. Track all Your Overtime by Leaving on Time as Often as Possible!

The easiest and fastest way you can get stressed is when you find yourself working overtime, staying late at the office to either prove yourself to yourself or to your boss that you are really able to do it even if you don’t sleep enough.

I don’t mean working overtime is a default it depends on the occasion; but if it becomes a habit at this point you can consider it bad. Overtime is something you should only prioritize when it’s a deadline. When you are closing a monthly report; you are getting ready for a next voyage, a next month opening and so forth.

5. Ensure that you always have your to-do list made.

List down all your daily activities to avoid work stress. Keep your to-do list at your office desk while working so that you check and track your daily task by crossing off everything accomplished. Keep it on your clipboard if you have to move around for some checking. It’s not professional to pile up everything at your desk so that you can see them a to-do list it’s all you need.

The best way at work to avoid being overwhelmed and stressed is to make a pro and a cons list for every daily task you have at hand; and a weekly planner for the big picture of work, you are committed to get done.

Cross off tasks as you complete them it will instantly make you feel like you’re being a proactive accomplisher!

6. Avoid being one of the Office Gossipers

At work, you don’t know who is who; avoid gossiping because it can rate you so low; so stay away from all kind of murmur and chatter around the corner.

Did you know that lot of people missed their career and got fired only for gossiping? – So, be careful gossip can get you fired.

The way you want to be at work is; to be positive and energetic. Being busy with the work at hand and very focus showing your boss and other around you that you left home for a purpose and it’s your main reason to be at the job. Leave the gossip for other people.

How about if you find yourself caught in a gossip session you can’t get out of? All you have to do is to change the topic casually, as if you have something pressing to talk to everyone about or move away nicely by excusing yourself to the bathroom.

7. Pack as Much money as Possible to Avoid the Worry of Being Laid Off

You don’t know what life has to offer you. Getting laid off at work unexpectedly could be one of the biggest stresses in your career.

Arrange your financial condition ahead. It’s recommended to have at least three months’ worth of spends in a saving account; the goal must be six months to be on the safe side.

Don’t throw your money to the window. Don’t spend more than you have. Have a limitation of anxiety by having enough to get you through; keep your focus on the great performance you’re doing at work, and enjoy having a savings account that continues to grow.

8. Practice Deep Breathing throughout Your Day

Deep breathing is one of the great technic to help you to stay in the safe side when it comes to stressful situations in your life. Most of the time people tend to get nervous before doing something they are not used to do.

Such preparing a meeting for your coworkers, having a sit down for a small talk with your boss; even sending few emails to your coworkers and clients makes you nervous and stressful by being scared of making any mistake.

Practice deep breathing throughout your day keeps you calm. Distress your nerves; it is like a massage to your brain to keep you relaxing and confident in your actions.

9. Get used to always attack the biggest and most difficult tasks first

It’s easy to get stressful at work when you see you have a lot of work to do and don’t even know if you will get enough time to accomplish all in an estimated time.

You will never know how long it can take you to end it unless you start doing something to get it done. You can’t measure work with time. Work is measured by how you are determined to get it done.

When you attack the most difficult part or the biggest part of a job once you done with it you feel released as if you are already finished because in your mind you will deploy less energy to get the smallest part done.

When you do so that keeps you away from procrastinating your duties and your rests hours are light with easy tasks to execute. You feel stress-free.

10. Set up your mind for a Stress-free Day of Work and it will be your reality

Visualizations make you see and feel a life circumstance before you even experience it. When you focus on pleasing images that bring you happiness in life more specifically at work; you create your own work day free of stress by simply having that habit of visualization.

Visualizations make you feel and attract what you see. Focus your attention to be somewhere happy will definitely make you feel happy and create that circumstance. But when you focus on the stress that your workload can bring you; it will make you feel stressful and people or your coworkers will see it in your face.

Allow yourself breath in and out deeply, close your eyes, and imagine the sights of every pleasing moment of your working day. Visualize for at least five minutes a day every working day will keep you stress-free at work.

A Few Last Words to keep you stress-free at work

Work smart don’t work hard. No matter what kind of work day you are going to go through; keep in mind to breathe deeply, make effective to-do lists, and visualize your day in advance can all decrease your stress.

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  1. I like your idea of stashing as much money as possible aside in case you get fired. I don’t believe that people in general spend more than 10 years in a job these days anyway. So keeping money set aside is a brilliant idea.
    In-fact, I’ve started earning money on the side by creating a website and dabbling in affiliate marketing. This is a great backup for any job.

    • Hi Nigel

      I am glad you find something interesting for you in the post that i wrote.

      It’s all about giving people advice to stay in the safe side in life. So that is my goal, again I am so happy that my post reached you and made a positive impact on you, i’ll continue doing it.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  2. Very insightful. A lot of the things you touched on are things that I did regularly. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I had the same job for 33 years before retiring. But the saving part is something I was never good at–until now. Sadly, I had to learn that lesson the hard way. But it’s never too late. Thanks for bringing it all back to me.


    • Hi Wadell,
      I am glad you like the article and what i love to congratulate you for is because you said you spent 33 years in the same job that is good from you. Certainly you must have been a great Employee.

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