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How is life for you now? I remember 15 years ago I was living a desperate life everything was dark for me; every day it was always a struggle for me to find a piece of bread just to get by. My life started to switch it’s when after I have read these following lines:

“Moreover when you fast, don’t be like the hypocrites, with sad faces. For they disfigure their faces, that they may be seen by men to be fasting. Most certainly I tell you, they have received their reward.

But you when you fast, anoint your head, and wash your face, so that you are not seen by men to be fasting, but by your FATHER who is in secret, and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.” These are words from Jesus-Christ.

So after I finished meditating on these sentences my eyes were opened; right there I found the Key of Success in life to change my life for the best.

If you read again these lines above you will notice there is a reward for everyone on earth no matter what their behavior might be positive or negative.

Do you know about the law of cause and effect? The cause you put in action will produce for you the effect expected. If you think you are poor you will behave as poor, people will see you poor and you will be poor; but if you think you are rich, you will behave as a rich and you will certainly be rich.

Now let’s find out why you are not rich.

There is a reason you are not rich. I was about to let you discover the 5 principal reasons why you are not rich I think I should increase them by adding 5 more for you so that you know everything in details. So you are not rich because of these 10 reasons and all of them have something to do with how your daily thought patterns shaped.

It’s all about getting your reward form the Universe. The way you think about it. It’s how you think and this is how you send it. That’s the cause. The way you have sent it; this is how you will receive it from the Universe through any kind of circumstance. That is the effect.

Here are 10 things you’re doing wrong, and how to fix them to get a better life or live the life you always dream to live.

1. You are coming from a poor family; your life is always tough

Mostly our mind set came from where we grew up and from the people that influenced us. As you come from a poor family you usually think of what you don’t have, you have a lacking thought patterns.

So what? Thinking in term of lack will keep you always in lack and prevent you from having what you don’t have because this is how you think.

But if you think about getting rich even if you are actually poor; and thinking about good friends who love you, care and want to be with you. Focus your mind on great family members that love you, the beautiful life you are living, imagine yourself in a good health and having enough to pay the bills if you have to and so forth.

Start focusing your imagination on the idea of how great your financial situation is, let your emotions taste the feeling of that thought. See yourself reaching your highest spiritual level and you will start for sure attracting all these things in your life. This is the key fundamental of the law of thought.

2. You have no trust that you deserve it

How do you deal with money positively or negatively? So my question is: why should it be negative? You scare of having a lot of money?

Why don’t you focus on believe that you deserve to become a millionaire in your family, just try to imagine that and you will see what the feeling looks like.

I know for some people because of their lack of believe it’s very difficult to do especially at the beginning; so let’s try the following: Focus on a task you have completed that blew your boss’s mind away.

Allow yourself to feel the sensation of feeling proud, accomplished and talented. Stay attached on those feelings for about 5 minutes each time you are trying if it is possible for you; thing I know that is possible, imagine always feeling that way

3. You are always short of money hard feeling, right?

Even if you don’t have money, never think that you are broke. You should never think like that. Why? The reason why you shouldn’t think you are broke because the Universe will think this is what you need for yourself and it will work on it to provide you answer.

My advice for you is to be like the little children. Create the vision of something you really appreciate and would love to have in life. Such as: Make for yourself some imaginary checks of some great amount of money; and for every person or debts you might have. Write down this following sentence: I am free of debts and am so grateful for being able to pay for everything and get everything I want.

Then place your imaginary check somewhere you will never pass a day without seeing it. You will attract that amount of money in your life.

4. You are this kind of caution child who never take risks

Taking risks takes us far in life; me especially I don’t call it take risks. Whenever you are launching for something to get a benefit out of it without neither violate any law nor abusing someone I call it taking a chance instead of taking risks.

Rich and wealthy people leave their comfort zone, and this is what you have to do too, they do it just to take chances. Know what you really want in life and what to do to get it, what action to take to get there and launch for your first chance. How many times you try or actually do something new in life? Leave your comfort zone now do something different to get what you want.

Don’t be shy or pretentious; look for mentors people with more experiences than you that is ready to help you. Ask them questions while relying on their advises so that you can go straight to the right way of taking worthwhile chances in order to get what you want.

Avoid overwhelming don’t follow several ideas at once stay attached to one till you fully accomplished it and then try another one.

5. Why don’t you think outside of the box too?

When we act like that brainwashed guy who focuses only his ideas on his old routine he had and never followed through. Never show interest on anything else to even learn something new. We will just remain at the same place and never break through on anything new; we will just keep getting the same results.

It’s not impossible that you have had 100’1000.00 dollars ideas but if you don’t meet with other people who are interested in your topic to discuss it with them and find a way to make something out of it before you forget about it, it will be worth you nothing more than anything.

6. Stop being a follower, make an effort to create and gain followers

Everyone is unique even if we are all simple humans, just make a step out of the crowd, of the line see for yourself a new path that can be forged and no one has ever gone through it before. Be yourself and walk on your own way created by you to be shiny light a start.

Focus on creating your own lifestyle instead of letting somebody else come and tell you what to do to live your life.

As long as you stay in the crowd following the same routine you are not being you nor authentic to yourself. You are losing your talent because you are learning someone else talent to look like him or her

But when you are true to yourself you feel more confident and acting like an expert in your field money comes to you easily instead of to someone else who will decide how much he or she wants to give you.

7. What do you see in others you can see in you too?

The moment time is now for you to stop comparing others with you. Nobody sounds like you, nobody has your special talents and skills or ability to do something the way you do it.

Stop wasting your energy and time comparing yourself to others. Attach yourself more to the type of success you want to achieve along the way and you will have your own source of motivation to keep doing what you are doing then you will continue progressing financially in your activities.


8. You are a victim without being aware of that.

Poor people and unsuccessful people are victimized of lack of goals, disciplines and focus. And this is where you are held back to not getting rich. That was my situation couple years ago.

It’s not really your fault or somebody else’s fault, but simply ignorant. Get yourself informed; learn how to identify what you want.

Set goals, not long term goals but short term or daily goals which will take you to a great success when you addition all these accomplished short goals.

Don’t wait for people to come and do thing for you in your life, they don’t have time to help you perhaps they might have time to share energy with you. Like you give them and they give you back by swiping talent for talent, service for service, money for products and so forth. You need to play your own role as a cell in the whole system of Earth. Take responsibility of your life.

9. You lose your goals in the middle of the process

Are you losing your goal? Well, don’t focus on the actual situation that might be created, whatever goal someone has there is always a Keyword or a key phrase that represents that goal. If you forget all the mechanisms of the setting up of the goal to follow along just go for the keyword or the key phrase of the goal.

For instance if your main goal is to become very wealthy and rich maybe you have had a process, a strategy to apply, or a certain method to go through to achieve it. If by mistake you forget all of these it’s impossible to forget that you want to become very wealthy and rich unless you didn’t really know what you wanted.

So set up short goals like weekly goals that will end up to a very big and long term goal to your success in life.

10. You Don’t Believe in Your Unique Talents and Skills, That’s the worst thing you are doing.

Find your passion and stick to it no matter what it takes to master it. Believe in yourself that will increase your confidence and when you are confident enough it’s easy for you to take big chance or risks toward what you want to achieve.

It’ll be more helpful for you to have a list of everything you are passionate about posted somewhere in your room at a place you can easily see them to remind you to read them again and again daily.

Believe me you will attract those things faster to your life if it’s money you will be surprised to see money dangling in front of your eyes when you get there.

A Few Last Words to keep you updated

Otherwise, how about if I tell you : how much difficult do you find it to come up with a great idea, to find mentors or business owners who are interested in your ideas, to help you set up goals and back you up till that idea transforms into money for you?

If you can’t really find an idea to just start something new for yourself in life how will you come to create that $100’000.00 you want to have?

When you need success in life the idea you have must be a desire, a dream but not a simple wish. If it is a wish it might never become true in your life. That is why you need to think of things you really need to make to manifest in your reality.

Taking such a precious time out of your activities to read my article whether it’s helpful to you or not it’s something I appreciate and give a lot of values because you read it.

Thank you so much for reading my article.

Anyway if you have any question or feedback concerning the article or the site feel free to drop us a line below we will get back to you ASAP.

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