Hi, welcome, welcome and welcome! I am thrilled to have you in here. If you are on this page for sure you are after something special. Being on this page either you are invited by someone or you are intuitively guided to this page. Best about it you are here so, welcome!

About Junior Fortune

Let me introduce myself to you, I am Junior Fortune and I’m an inspirational speaker. My passion is what I do: acting in a way to positively impact people by using the power of speech and writing to teach, inspire, influence and to motivate people toward success in life.

Success as a result is more than what you can imagine

The main reason why I am passionate about teaching people about success it’s because I discovered most people get confused and they mixed up success with wealth. You might be here looking for the secret of success where your main goal is probably to accumulate a lot of money, driving the most expensive car, having the most expensive house, your private yacht or your private helicopter and so forth whatever your possessions could be you name them.

There is nothing wrong having those things in life, if you ask me, because we are here on earth to enjoy and experience everything good life has to offer. But what’s wrong about having those things it’s when they don’t go along with success or pretend to be success itself.

Don’t get me wrong if I tell you I have met many people around the world having great business or great job making lots of money; where at the same time they don’t like what they are doing. True? Or true?

The purpose of my site

My site’s (HCMCL.COM: How to Change your Mind to Change your Life) purpose is this: teaching you how to developing your mind for success, How to change your mind to change your life. Yes that’s the goal teaching you how to find the true sense purpose of your life. How would you know when you find the true sense purpose of your life?

Well, you will need to stay with me, to follow along with me and I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you how to be one with your inner self, to follow your inner guide, to be able to think intuitively.

It’s when you reach the level of being able to communicate peacefully with your intuition and being guided by it. When you can think and act in the right way getting the perfect result, and making room for happiness to dwell within you. This is the time you will start to live a successful life and changing your life.

My passion is to help people that i encounter on my way as much as I am able to; if you can receive help and are serious about changing your life then let’s take this journey together.

Thank you for reading this post i would love to hear your feedback.

Junior Fortune



  1. You can definitely tell you’re a motivational speaker. Right out the gate I felt perked up. It is true that success and wealth are two difference states of well being. Personally I’m just trying to reach success. It just seems like it’s within my grasp but far away at the same time.

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