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Your purpose of life is your true life path that has been chosen for you before your existence by the Creator of all things. Your job is to rediscover it by tapping into your intuition so that you can be more aware of your values and your passions in order to live a successful and a satisfactory life. This article will help you to learn how to determine what your life purpose is, and how to go about fulfilling it.

What would you consider as your life path?

Your life path or your life purpose is composed of circumstances, people and situations that nobody can handle better than you or choose but you. In one word your life path is living the life you were born to live.

As our life purpose was chosen while we were just only a soul so we are on earth to live a spiritual life on our life path in a physical body. We are just such spiritual being living a spiritual life while we are having some kind of physical experiences on earth.

Any time we refuse to stay true to ourselves when it comes to manifest our feelings, accomplishing our passions and desires; working on developing our spiritual consciousness to be more aware of our surroundings; learning how to respect ourselves and our body, enhancing our skills and contribute our unique talent to the world we are out of our life path. Our duty is to live that life purpose and stay in that path by following instructions from our intuition.

Our intuition is the only one that can lead us straight to our spiritual life path and everyone has his own and unique life path to live while on earth.

How do you know you’re being true to yourself?

Our feelings are connected to our intuition they are there to give us signal and directions to what to take action on and to what to just let go off.

On your life path to recognize the right path to choose and the wrong path to refuse it’s something you will need to work on by practice. You will want to practice on identify your feelings; what feels right and what feels wrong for you. For instance a job is offering you need a job, right? Your job will be to take some time asking yourself what taking that type of job making you feel? Does taking that job make you feel peaceful and confident, or you feel worried, embarrassed unhappy?

It’s always a perfect way to seek to hear the vibration of your body. Learn how to practice meditation on every question you have or decision you have to make. Talk to the Universe; ask for directions to know if you are making the right decision. Breathe in and out stay calm for about 20 to 30 minutes try to listen to the rhythm of your body and mind without being interrupted. You will certainly find an answer to your question and a direction to take.

Your answer might come in a dream while you are sleeping or in a circumstance where you hear people talking about either the job or location where the job activities going on; you will certainly find an answer but be patient Universe never leaves you alone, stay in communion with it.

Don’t allow people to tell you what is good for you and what to choose to do. Let your feelings and passions guide you. Listen to your heart. What do you really want in life? Is it to have your own business, to have a nice job or to travel the world? Focus on the feelings that come along with certain professions or ways of life. What feelings do they evoke for you?

Take action to what is benefit for you and at the same time what will not disturb anyone or will not prevent anyone from performing their task. In one word act without entering somebody’s space.

Even if you are not ready yet for something once it’s your passion your feelings will keep you attached to it till it becomes part of you with practice.

How to Detect and Respond to the “Nudge” the strong feeling you get?

It might not be often but people do receive that signal where they have that feeling, curiosity or thought that keeps popping up for them keep making them feel to do this, to that…

when you experience something like that they call it “Nudge” a nudge could be a sign for you from the Universe to tell you that you are slightly stepping out your true life path you need to come back on track.

For you to listen and respond to those nudges. You will need to be on the lookout for things that don’t feel quite right, or patterns of repetition either places or things that keep popping up. That’s your signal to get back on track and devote attention to something specific that you have been ignoring.

Find Joy in everything you do in life

It’s the most important thing for you in life to find your true happiness in everything you do by engaging in the small details of your day. Such as reading a blog, giving some comments tell your point of view; doing the dishes, sending emails, dusting, driving home …

It’s all under your control; whether you stick to your true life path or not you know what your feelings are.

As they say reading is the food for the brain I believe it’s a good habit to improve your thoughts by reading positive affirmations each morning, such as “I am on the right path of my life and take pleasure in every moment of it!”


Following your true life path is to focus your intentions to stay in a positive frame of mind while identifying the right feelings and the rhythm of your body.

Level up your spiritual consciousness while you meditate on all matter of your life. You will find love, and a life of support and excitement along the way.

I really appreciate and value your precious time putting aside out of your busy day and personal activities to read my article, thank you for reading.

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