If I ask you a quick question like this one above I believe it will be something easy to answer.  Why do I say it will be something easy to answer? I said so because according to me everyone knows who their enemies are and who their friends are.  Am I right or wrong? ­_ Maybe

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I am saying it again, do you love your enemies despise of all? Whatsoever your answer could be let’s go I m going to show you something. I know in the Bible it said:” love your enemies and pray for your persecutors.” But what I am wondering is that: do you know who your enemies are?

Who are your enemies?

For some people an enemy is someone you have had a quarrel with and that quarrel didn’t end up to a final decision; so you are still not getting well with that person. In your head you might consider that person for an enemy. How about you?

Here is another example: Someone has secretly approached your wife, your husband, your daughter, your best friend or girlfriend or a rape situation has taken place.

I know how awful that would feel when you get to know such thing. That person who has fallen in that misfortune situation or under your hand maybe you would consider that person for your greatest enemy, right?

Let’s say that someone has caused a death in your family by mistake or purposely and you happened to know that, you have the power to take all kind of action possible to revenge that fact against him because that enemy has disturbed your life. I don’t know here if I am still right or wrong? Is that an enemy for you?

Okay let’s say that someone has plaid the role of the bad, in his telltale he caused you to lose your job. Either he tricked you into a mistake to get you fired or he made up a story to get you blamed and get your boss fire you. That enemy deserves a hard and a long term punishment what do you think? Isn’t that an enemy?

How about if you face up to that situation where you meet someone who is jealous of your business, your success or your family?  His/her greeting with you doesn’t sound friendly. Only that tends to make you feel uncomfortable whenever you guys meet each other, and then what is worse about it you guys are having a common activity. Either you both work at the same place or you have to take same train to head up to your work.

How difficult your life would be to deal with that enemy? Till now I don’t know if you would consider that particular person for an anemy. What would he or she be for you? Would you consider that person for an enemy?

Who is responsible of your life circumstances

I have learnt this little sentence from the poem of WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY which goes as following: “I am the captain of my soul and the master of my fate.”

If I am not wrong the poet took ownership of everything happening in his life without blaming anyone.

Also I read in the Bible this beautiful verse from proverb 10 verse 24:” What the wicked dreads will overtakes him; what the righteous desires will be granted,”

In this line it clearly explains that everyone whether he is a wicked or a righteous; each one gets from life what his thought patterns describes, or what his thought patterns says about him. How do you usually  think?

And as well I heard from T harve eker in the video Secrets of the Millionaire Mind where he said:” Successful people said I CREATE MY LIFE and unsuccessful people say LIFE HAPPENS TO ME.

They believe that with your way of thinking you are the only one responsible of your life circumstance. Whether it’s a fortune or a misfortune happens in your life you are the author, the captain of your fate.

Does it really mean that every thought that comes to your mind whether it’s a positive thought or a negative thought it will happen in your life?

No, that’s not how it works a thought patterns is a process of thinking with a certain frequency. People tend to think more often of what they don’t like instead of thinking of what they like or really want for themselves.

This is where they come up with the terms of luck and opportunity when good things happen in their life; and the terms of bad luck and misfortune when non-benefit situations take place in their life.

But most of them don’t realize that if their spirit has two forms of functioning. Conscious mind and unconscious mind; the conscious mind is the form of functioning of your spirit that you are awere of things that you can perceive with your five senses.

But the unconscious mind is under control of your subconscious where you have no idea of what going on; but that part of your spirit obeys to your conscious mind. It makes the work of creating life events for you each time it receives an order or a thought that you believe and accept as true created by your conscious mind.This is where you happen to create everything that takes place in your life.

There is another way of thinking but this one is out of your control, they call it thinking intuitively. That one overtakes your freewill. It’s managed by your intuition to dictate you everything you must do in your life to live the true sense purpose of your life.

Unfortunately by a lot of forms of studies, rules and human principles you got influenced and corrupted it’s become very hard for you to hear and recognize that little voice within you when it sounds. That is where we, most of the time, fell into a guilty conscious after doing something wrong by not following instruction from our intuition.

And of course you feel happy and proud when you did something good; best about it, when you did something without someone else has taught it to you. You feel like a creator, right? Well everyone should be instructed, trained; lead and governed by their intuition and then the whole world would be perfect.

You don’t have enemies you have an enemy.

We are not only human beings we are feeling beings too. We all know that emotions is something contagious meaning when you are around someone you expand some vibes which the one around you can feel the same way you are able to feel theirs too

You are the one creating your own vibes the way you perceive things and go around to judge them. That doesn’t prevent you from feeling the vibes expanded by someone else who is around you.

However you perceive someone or something or an animal you immediately create a thought; that thought will create your feeling and your emotions which will expand into your  vibes and you will either take action or not but your vibes will remain till you are having that thought.

Now within you, you are undergoing everything creating by that thought only, good or bad. Now you can understand that principle calling: THE LAW OF ATTRACTION or the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Whatever you do to someone or to a being that is existing on earth you do it to yourselt too because everything that is in the nature is connected.

That’s why Jesus said in the Bible. Matthew 7: 12

Don’t judge or you too will be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Some people call this law KARMA what you send out comes back the same way to you.

How many times you just, within you, decided that someone hates you so you cannot be friends with that person? You are the only one mastering your thought; if you decided someone is your enemy you will experience it. Meaning you do to you what you do to that person. Immediate all attitudes and behavior will manifest.

So for the people above you have read all the dramas about who might hurt you and wondering if you could consider that person for an enemy or not? So these people are not your enemies. They are suffering with you like you. No matter what type of suffering; mental, emotional, or physical both of you involved in the situation.

You never notice when someone did something bad to you and he realized that. He feels guilty. Even if you are the one who is right, if you don’t forgive that person, each time you both meet you get a message from your heart. Your heart beat increases you feel something, you know that you are not wrong but, you still need to forgive and set up peace with that person.

Otherwise your suffering will continue endlessly.

Your enemy is you, surprised but it is.

 You are the one creating your life circumstances depending on how you think you attract everything in your life consciously and unconsciously.

So who can control his thought?

No one the same way the Bible says in the book of James the tongue is a very small part of our body that cannot be controlled it itself can set your whole body in fire like a spack of fire can destroy a forest.

Only your intuition can help you controlling your thoughts. How? You will need to learn how to be an intuive thinker till you reach that level.

How to turn your enemy into your best friend ever

I can explain this in three simple steps.

Step number 1: to turn yourself into your best friend you need to practice forgiveness. When you know how to forgive first yourself for things that you did which makes you feel guilty and sometimes makes you feel like to beat yourself up.

Now you need to start from today accepting yourself for who you are. Love yourself by forgiving yourself on everything that makes you feel down. Leave all the past behind recognize that the nature loves you and it cares about you.

Don’t you never have a cut to see how that cut in few days turns into a scar it heals itself it’s a sign that the nature forgives you. Yo can do that too to yourself. By forgiving yourself you will have another way and a better one the see the world.

Step number 2; you will need to learn to forgive others for what they did wrong to you which hurt you from the past or from now. The best way to do that is appreciate and accept everyone for who they are. Never try to change someone or someone’s opinion.  Learn how to accept and support everything even if you don’t agree with it.

Step number 3

 And finally the most important one is to look for yourself. That sound weird right? But it’s okay the reason why everyone has a gap in their life and  always after something they miss it’s because they lost themselves within them.

You always need to have a special moment to spend with yourself in a quiet place to learn how to listen to your intuition. By meditation or by thinking on an idea you have out loud, even if you pass 5 minutes each time you will make good progress.

From day to day you will come closer to your intuition and it will take place over your thought most of the time just to guide you to the right path in life. It will guide you on your main decisions.  You will reach a level where you pay more attention to what is coming out of your mouth, you will be able to resist against evil thought patterns.

When you reach that level of maturity in life your faith will grow, you will talk with vision and more awere of what going on around you and you will be able to commend to the nature what you want with faith it will happen.

I thank you very much for taking the time reading my post. i

Congratulations for reaching till down here! this gift is for YOU take it now. 


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  1. Wow, what an insightful way to look at unfortunate circumstances. Of course things can happen that are or of your control, but what is in your control is how you react to those situations. Thoughts definitely can manifest into reality, whatever they may be. My question to you is do you believe in the law of attraction?

    • Hi Jasmere thank you for your feedback on my post.
      well asking if i believe in the law of attraction i think it’s a great question to ask
      the term of The law of attraction is scientific name of the word fAITH. AND THIS IS WHAT I HAVE.

      THE LAW OF ATTRATION is think of something, visualize it and expect it to manifested.
      watch this. From Bible. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, proof of things not see.

      to you see it.
      yes i do but not it the scientific way.
      How about you do you believe in it?

  2. This was a great and interesting read!

    I try to love my enemies, I personally feel that everyone deserves love. And I do my very best to remember this when I am upset with someone, or someone has been unkind to me.

    Thanks for the article

    • Hi Brianne,
      i am glad you love this reading. it’s okay don’t beat yourself up stard to learn the forgiveness process and your love will increase. you can read this article many time a week or 2 to 3 time a week it will help you.

      take care.

  3. Your reads are always spot on. I have been in my own head lately, and your recent post was everything I needed. Please continue posting very informative, helpful information to so many. Thank you.

    • Wow You astonished me!
      Your words sound motivating that encourage me to keep doing the good job helping people around the world
      Thank you for encouraging Paula.

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