Incredible but true, our worst enemy most of the time in life could be us. That‘s surprising right? That is why I myself considered it incredible.l

Mostly when we think we do all our best to do what’s right to get the best result ever, there is something within us call subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind sometimes works behind the scene to only destroy our most important goals in life.

That happens when we are unconsciously sabotaging ourselves and keep getting the same all bad result all the time in our life. Subconscious does work, sometimes for us and sometimes against us. It works mostly against us when we can’t have control of our past harmful behavior; it’s like destroying something while at the same time our main goal is to build it.

So if you feel like your own success is being sabotaged again and again; and you don’t know how it keeps happening, why it’s happening and worst about it you can’t figure out why it’s happening. I am suggestion you to try to implement these 3 simple steps in your life to find out the bull that might be in your subconscious mind.

Step 1 – there is a bull in the herd, how to identify it

As we all know that our subconscious is the place where we keep all sort of ideas, positive and negative the idea or thought that is stimulated the most in our subconscious mind will finally manifested by our subconscious in our life. And our conscience is there to either congratulate us or blame us depending on the impact of our actions.

If you realize that your subconscious is sabotaging you, you will need to angrily discuss with it to claim right and make it give you what you want in life. You can do that by applying these strategies in your life.

-Know what you really want and spend sometime in meditation

-Focus more on the things that you get done before which are able to lead you to an achievement of your goals

-And finally try to identify the obstacle that is holding you back from achieving success in your life.

If you are having a hard time identifying your main obstacle (that bull in the herd) the strategy number one is to deal with your biggest obstacle one by one.

Here is a very fun quiz that can help you find out your number one obstacle in life click here.

And secondly after you finished identifying your main obstacle that preventing you from achieving your goal your homework is to separate that bull from the herd.

Step 2- how would you separate the bull from the herd?

There is a saying that goes: what you focus on expands; you should never focus your attention more on your main obstacle if you do so instead of staying away from it you would attract it more and more in your life that will make your bull grow wild. Instead, you should try to find the reason WHY that bull is there.

I used to meet some people who packing lot of money to go on a cruise just to escape a situation or someone else. Others love to spend their time playing games, watching TV looking for a satisfaction. Any of these activities will not make them feel better or change their life’s circumstance.

Rather than identify the main reason you are experiencing your problem. why in fact are you you held back? why in fact are you you frustrated? why in fact are you you anxious, not happy? What is the main cause of your problem?

One you finally identified that bull, the cause of your main obstacle and separated it from the herd your next and final duty is to use that bull to grow your herd.

Step 3 – how to use the bull, your root cause non-satisfaction, to grow your herd?

Luckily you were able to identify the cause of your problem now you can use it in a way to be your benefit. How will you do that? You will simply try to feed your bull what it needs without detracting yourself from your main goal.

Many of us have a need of something or not while doing the task at hand. For example myself particularly I love to be in a quiet place to really focus on what I am doing I get distracted easily. Although some other people like my brother he likes listen to musing while he is reading or studying.

So whatever your main obstacle could be you can always get to a point to master it. Stop it or use it to your advantage. The best way you can start is to practice the visualization start to see yourself experiencing the life you really see yourself in.

I can help you to do that by helping you first identify you number ONE Success Blocker. From that point you will know more easily how to attract anything that matter to you the most.

So you should start now there is no need to overthinking about what you know you really want, start now click that link.

Let me identify my #1 success blocker.

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  1. This reminds me of a quote by…someone that says, “If you look into a mirror you can see your greatest friend and your worst enemy at the same time”. I think there is a lot of truth in this article. I think everyone has talked themselves out of doing something good only to regret it later.

    I like the example of the bull, because that would make our minds the china shop right? You do not want to let the bull in there in the first place. Focusing on the good and positive things the best way to achieve them. If you can hold onto a dream or passion long enough for it to reach your sub-conscious you can definitely achieve it.

    Using an obstacle as a stepping stone to the next level is a brilliant way to grow as a person. If you can look forward to the next obstacle instead of fearing it, I think you can learn to be the strongest and best version of yourself possible.

  2. I feel like we do occasionally get into our own heads when it comes to anything especially running our own business online. It’s hard to keep motivated, especially when results don’t happen right away.

    This is the second time I’ve come across meditation in the last couple days as a way to relax but also focus and it seems like something that might help me!

    You’re exactly right though sometimes we run away from our main problem rather than taking it head on and I feel like this is the case that people that are stuck in a job. Rather than do nothing why not try something new such as an online business.

    • Hi Josh,

      I believe that you get the point of the message which is in the article 

      instead of held back we get to break through in life, just move to a different thing.

      take care Josh.

  3. Great post and good info.

    It actually is true, our mind can play very bad with us!

    If only we believe in ourselves, we could do so more hings, and it is what you showed, if we can control it, we control what we can do, and also we can “control” other people, by becoming the leader!

    Thanks for sharing it with us, because it gives me a thing to think about.

  4. Very interesting concept here. 

    I have heard on multiple occasions that our mind is the number one doubter we have as humans. That, as you stated, our subconscious can be an evil thing sometimes. It is often best to try to void ourselves of such evil thoughts. 

    Somehow someway, we must always inspire to be better. 

    Meditation seems like a great approach to this. Do you have any recommendations on how to mediate? 

    I have never done this before but think it sounds helpful. 

    Great post and thank you. Many people need to hear something like this in order to spread more positivity and light. 


    • Hi Russell

      Certainly you are right meditation is really a great way to make you more intuitive so that you can be guided more by your gut or heart and less by our head.

      as a recommendation i highly recommend you to check out the  #1 success blocker.   that the article refers to.


  5. Hi Renton
    Thanks for your feedback.
    What you said it’s quite true i am so glad you understand the context of my article. i am sure it’ll be very useful to you someday.
    cheers mate.

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