Donald Trump | what is his role in human history

You might be wondering why President Donald Trump wanted to meet with the Pope in Vatican. Well his meeting was not a conscious choice. It’s something prearranged long time before our time to be manifested.

Wort about it they even say that Donald Trump was warned to not proceed but he didn’t listen, for that reason of that here in the U. S we might have to pay a terrible price.

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This could terminate Trump Presidency

One of the most terrible events in human history has been set to take place by Trump actions. Whether he knows it or not that event has been foretold 2500 years ago.

You can discover that darkest secret here from that documentary that was banned in most Christian’s states but anyway it took the internet by storm.

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The darkest Secret of Donald Trump presidency is finally exposed.

You would never know the reason why Melania Trump was wearing that dark funeral dress? The truth behind it will stun you! And what is about to happen will terribly shake all true Christians.

This video will be down soon before it’s taken down find out here that terrible truth.


Church leaders don’t want you to know about this …

Catholic Church is actually under the chains only because of this independent documentary which exposes the biggest scandal ever know by humanity.

Something scarier and more sinister than Sandy Hook and Benghazi combined…

And it’s expanded like wild grass all over the internet.

Watch the documentary to find out before it’s taken down for it’ll be done soon.

God’s plan is actually unfolding before our eyes

I was remaining for a long time speechless after watching this video because I was getting shocked to see and discover all of these things at once; for me it’s the most shocking proof that is step by step unfolding God’s plan before me.

Believe me you will never watch this video without getting impacted if you are ready to discover that simply click here

Don’t keep it for you only, share it to the public so that they know about it too.

    • Hi Susan Holmes,

      thank you very much for taking the time to leave me a comment about my post i appreciate that thank you.
      Well as your comment is a question i am not so sure if i understand or getting the context of your question.

      You said: “I know others with this belief! It makes a person stop and think doesn’t it?

      I don’t know if you have watched the video, the video has nothing to do with a kind of belief that is why i don’t really understand your question.

      So the video is explaining the path following the world to its destiny through the historical events happening in the world; that is the goal of the video.
      anyway thank you again Susan for your comment. I love it.

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