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Most of the happy people I met and interacted with told me that happiness is a great feeling of joy that you experience within you. That feeling is nothing else than wonder and satisfaction in your life; so as it is something more inner self, looking for happiness is focusing more on what going on within you to experience an everlasting happiness.

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Here are 10 best ways you can practice creating happiness for yourself in life.

1. Live the present moment of each day of your life.

Forget about the past and stop worrying about what the future will bring to you, live the present time of your life.

You can’t control what will happen tomorrow; the best time in your life is today. Live it fully and go through it with ease because this is all you get. Happiness can’t be found yesterday nor tomorrow; happiness is right there in your present time; live your life worries free.

2 Be thankful for everything in your life

Thankfulness is the secret of building your tomorrow; this is how you attract more good things into your life by recognizing all the good things you can see in your present moment.

If you find this present day looks like a hard time for you, focus on what could be good in it to make you enjoy it the most; then start giving thanks for what you see.

You will certainly have another attitude toward the situation and that new attitude will change your hard time into an enjoyable moment for you. That’s why happiness is not so far than you could imagine; it’s right there with you. All you need to do is to stay on its side.

3. Recognize where your happy place is.

Everyone is different in the world, so for that reason each one has a particular happy place. That doesn’t mean you can’t find some people with same happy place; of course there are people with common happy place.

Me, personally I know that I feel happier when I am in a quiet place, my favorite place in the world to be really happy is to be in a country side, enjoying the sound of birds, feeling the breeze of the trees.

I know most people love to go to concerts I am not an exception. Your happy place could be: staying next to the sea, at the beach, being on a cruise with your love ones, spending your time with your family and friends, how about enjoying your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant and so forth. Your happy place can be anything.

Once you pick your happy place all you have to do is direct your energy and perspective to that place; so that in your present time, you can live your particular happy source that makes you feel very good.

Allow yourself to visualize being there enjoying and taking everything that happy place has to offer you. Practice this positive affirmation every time you don’t feel happy: I am surrounded by love, peace and kindness everywhere I go.

4 Remember your ultimate responsibility is controlling your thoughts

Your thoughts are the place where your feelings come from; the more you have positive thoughts the more you generate positive feelings. Feelings are always in the present time; whether you focus on what was in the past or on what will happen tomorrow but the feelings you are experiencing is right now.

You are not able to control other people’s actions. So attaching yourself to what they can provide you or not it’s wasting your timeTherefore,re recognize that you are the only one that can provide happiness to yourself.

Your main duty every day should be controlling your thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations such as: I am creating the perfect reality of my life as I see fit, and it looks like this: I live an abundance life; freedom, peace and security are the qualities of my life.

5. Allow yourself to perceive the world like the children do

Jesus said in the Bible: “Permit the children to come to me and don’t hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Children have no negativity in their mind they believe in everything, everything is real for them; even the most foolish imagination someone could tell will be considered as real for them. They live worries free.

And this is how faith works, once you accept your imagination as true you will definitely manifest it in your life.

How often do you allow yourself to go down in the ground next to children to mimic and laugh with them at the things they do and be at that moment silly for the sake of it? Let yourself see the world as they see it. Stop being too much serious in life; take things easy in life.

Children love to stare at things like lying down looking up at the trees and the stars in the sky it’s fun and looks beautiful at this angle.

6. Take Your Pet Out for a Walk and Let Him be the Leader

Pets like dogs and cats can perk your mood right up. So take yours, whatever you have out with you for a walk; let him be the leader for a change in the road. Allow yourself to focus on his actions, if it’s possible take picture of every new move he makes.

See what he loves the most. Is he heading to the hill or going to the flowers, to the plants, to the grass and so forth? That is a good way to release stress in your life

7. Allow yourself to be a great contributor in other people’s lives

Spend some of your time with others and your will instantly feel happy.

Contribute to others’ activities especially to things you are passionate about; engage with others ask them question about their lives.

Give them importance, keep a smile in your face and having eye contact with those you interact with; make them feel they are matter to you.

Track your meetings with people, allow yourself to see how you impact their lives and how they impact yours. See what difference you make in their lives and which one they make in yours.

Practice affirmation like this: I make a positive impact in the lives I touch and they as well make positive impact in mine.

8. Play finger painting

Finger painting is a great game to allow you having contact to your instinct. Use your hands to paint while following this finger painting process trust and follow your instincts.

You will be astonished at the end to see how you are expressing yourself while blending together the perfect assortment of colors. When you are doing it just freely glide your hands without giving any rules of colors, just paint as you feel comfortable.

9. Express your feelings and talk your heart out

Let’s say that you feel extremely stressful. Maybe it’s because of a family member, a sensitive boyfriend or girlfriend; who knows maybe it’s a difficult supervisor in your job whatever it could be; all you know you are stressful right now.

So here is what you can do. Write down a mock letter, a letter that you don’t have to send to anyone. Write freely without keeping anything, write everything that you have to say.

The fact you are spending your time to write down that letter; it’s a great strategy to help you to squeeze out all feelings and negative thoughts on that paper which prevent you from being happy.

After writing that letter, read it out loud, tear it and throw it away.

10. Look back for a little while to know about your origin.

Sometimes it’s a great feeling of satisfaction when you are having knowledge about your ancestors. This is where you came from, your origin.

Let’s say that you meet someone in your family who is well in aged and having the ability to recall memories about his or her early life.

And that person starts telling you fascinating stories about her early life or about one of her relative who didn’t have time to know you.

This is how you can learn where you came from and knowing the perspective of things your family members had and you didn’t have the chance to experience. It’s a great way to learn about your family, yourself and the world.

Being able to compare their point of view about things in the past with the way you see things now it’s a great satisfaction of getting to know the world and improving your own happiness.

The bottom line| Your main Happy place

So as you can understand it; happiness is a feeling generated within you through your thoughts. Activities such as: allow yourself to reconnect with family members, spending the time with people in your community and allowing yourself to perceive the world like a child’s perspective. When you do so, you will definitely realize that you are the only one holding the power of your own happiness

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  1. This article is really motivating, I used to have a hard time, but I’m trying to look at the positive side I really appreciate what I have, I have a family, friends, and place to sleep…there are people out there who dream to have these things, and yeah why thinking about the past when you can’t change it.
    I hope you keep publishing these kinds of articles in the future because we really need them!

    • Hi Mariem,

      I am glad you found this article useful for now and for the future as well for me it sounds that you found the article with a long term value thank you for you feedback.

      take care.

  2. Very interesting post mate. I enjoyed reading it Matt,theguy you met on the cruise ship, liked your attitude and directed me to your blog.

  3. Fabulous article! Especially the part about living in the present, so much time is spent worrying about the past and future that we miss enjoying just living in the present!
    Maria x

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