Many are wondering about this topic how to change your life? And others are asking how to change your mind they think it’s about two different things. No they are not! here you are going to learn why they are not two different things. Also, I have met people who think that changing your mind is not something possible because they think no one can have control over their mind.

How about you what do you think? Do you think there is an answer for this question: how to change your mind to change your life?


What is the key to success in life?


Well, the reason why many think changing your mind and changing your life are two different things it’s because they are not smart enough to make the difference between cause and effect; between roots and fruits, between dream and reality, between shadow and glow, between true and false and finally between fiction and manifestation.

And what worse about it these people will never know what the key to success in life is; the reason why they won’t because they think it’s impossible and the key or the secret to success in life is the answer of that question above: “how to change your mind to change your life”. So what is that key? What is that secret?

Do you want to know that secret too? For sure, you are going to say yes you want to know it because I can see how excited you look to discover that secret today. Okay I know most of you don’t really like to read, maybe you are sitting here reading these lines because you are intuitively directed to this post.

So let’s go straight to the point, I hope that you catch it when I reveal it to you. In the Bible it said:” From within out of a man’s heart comes from evil thoughts, theft, murder and so forth and that makes him unclean.” Now my question is: on what kind of information people base to talk about someone else? For sure, you are going to tell me they base on his name, his gender, his height, his size, his skin color, his nationality, his family, his economic and his social rank right?

Why? Because these are the only things they can see and know about him. They call these things results or manifestations. That is what they use to talk about someone. Although if you approach that person they talk about and ask him if he hundred percent knows himself without any doubt he’ll tell you, no I don’t know myself hundred percent. So what’s the life of a man? If a man can’t even know himself how will he go around changing his life?

Well, that sounds kind of difficult or even impossible; because you might not see any possibility to just go ahead and change something you don’t even know. How would you change a life? Would you change it to be better or to be worse? Of course you are going to say to be better because everyone that is alive is looking for a better life. I know it’s something possible but what I want to tell you is that: nighty-five percent of people in the world don’t know what their life is.

I know they say that you know a tree by its fruits but a man cannot totally known by his actions those he made consciously and unconsciously, a man is greater than a tree. A tree his managed by only a natural law though a man is managed by two types of laws; a natural law and a supernatural law; a spirit with a double functionality, objective and subjective, conscious and subconscious. So who are you to judge a man and to tell a man something about him or about his life?


What is the secret for success in life?

The secret for success in life is that same key people are looking for and many of them cannot find it. There is something within every man existing on earth called INTUITION; intuition is the guide connecting everyone to the supernatural world. It’s the only thing or the only super natural being which knows your life, knowing what is good and what is bad for you. Your INTUITION is there to dictate you your thoughts and your actions to lead you to success in life.

Unfortunately most of us got corrupted within our young ages by influence of other people making us do what we didn’t want to do, obey law and practices we were not born to obey so what happened we tend to lose the voice of our leader, the voice of our intuition; we can’t recognize when it talks; so we think now with our head more than we think with our heart.



Now I reveal you the key and the secret of success in life, you know the path to go around to change your mind and to change your life. Everyone’s life is not the same. Each one of us has a specific life purpose, now you know who knows your life purpose and this supernatural being, INTUITION, is there to guide you all the time to the true sense purpose of your life.

As human beings we only get two common duties in our life purpose. The first one is to GROW SPIRITUALLY and the second one is to FULLFIL OUR PASSION. It’s what they call to live a successful life. It’s when you reach your highest potential in life and living the true sense purpose of your life. Keep this in mind: The highest level someone could reach in his life is to fully live his passion.

Maybe you might come and ask me how to find your passion? Well I’ll tell you, you will need to follow your leader, to learn how to listen to him, to communicate with him and to make yourself one with him. I know it’s not something easy to find your passion and to listen to your intuition; but it’s possible.

If you are really serious about changing your mind to change your life I can only show you a way to just start learning this process till your find out your true sense purpose in life. Here it is, just go ahead and download this special bonus eBook 100% free to start your journey to the way of changing your mind to change your life.


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