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By now if you are not able to achieve anything in life it’s not your fault. You might think that I am kidding; no, I am not, it’s your thoughts fault or your negative thought patterns. Lots of things are happening behind the scene in your life.

It’s not just simple you are not able to reach your highest and richest potential in life the way you think every day plays a big role when it comes to condition your life with money. Use this following guide below it can help you achieving and manifesting prosperity that is beyond your wildest imagination.

1. Condition yourself to have a Good relationship with Money

When it comes to deal with money we all have a particular attitude, a certain way we behave; either positive or negative especially when it is a large amount of money to deal with.

Allow yourself to identify the category of thoughts that pops up when you think or deal with money. If you realize you are nervous, you feel scary now you have a job. Your job is to focus on turning these negative thoughts into positive ones. You can practice affirmations like these: I love the contribution of money in the freedom of my life. With multiple sources of income I have the ability to live the life I choose.

2. Allow yourself to accept the idea of – I am rich

There is no doubt on that if you think you are rich, you will definitely be rich.

Having a prosperous life can manifest into many types of ways – having enough money to do what you want to, good health, happy family and supportive friends, living and excellent life with your surroundings.

Appreciate everything you have. Allow yourself to repeat very often: I give gratitude thoughts to the Universe for everything I have, for my family, my wealth, my happy life and so forth.

3. Be thankful to the Universe for the money you have

Thankfulness is one of the highest powerful thought you can have—the more you manifest your gratitude the more the Universe will send back to you.

Have a gratitude list of every good thing in your life to recite before you go to bed and wake up happier in the morning. The more you do so the more prosperity is coming into your life from many types of ways.

4. Heighten your income by repeating these affirmations

“My value comes from what I do and my contribution to the world is being paid abundantly and effortlessly!”

“Easily money comes to me and for me.”

“I am so grateful for money in my life and money is everywhere.”

5. Visualize the feeling of freedom that money gives you

The feelings you experience about money are so powerful and the Universe responds to them whether they base in fear of love.

Allow yourself to taste the good sensations brought by money into your life and a sense of being wealthy. Can you measure the love, freedom, happiness, security; the ability to travel the world money brings in your life?

6. Throw your bread to the river (and it will come back to you)

When you share your money or give away some money to those who are in needs. It’s away to say to the Universe:” I am prosperous beyond my wildest imaginings and I am able to enjoy everything that I received.

The more you practice generosity the more the Universe multiply what you give in return to you. You will be never in want.

7. Aim at abundance- Not at the lack of money

Believe that you are a prosperous person by thinking in terms of love, not scarcity.

Be thankful to the Universe for all the money and prosperity you have even for what you hope to have that not yet comes.

Never think of lack or in terms of what you don’t have; this kind of thinking will hold you back and prevent you from having more of what you want.

8. Visualize yourself being so blessed in life

Imagine yourself receiving money like oxygen going through your nostrils easily and effortlessly.

It’s your right to attain money in your life, it’s not a struggle.

Focus on money dropping into your bank account as rain is falling into your garden.

9. Be confident taking risks to achieve what you want.

How much money would like making doing what you love doing? Taking risks is a key essential when it comes to increase the amount of money you use to have.

Focus on your passion, having a list of everything you love doing and select what you can make money from. Improve your skills to be more prepared, address yourself to others more experienced than you in the field, be an expert of what you love doing.

Ask for help you will receive help, make research online and locally you will gain knowledge to go on the journey.

10. Visualize yourself receiving a check from the Universe

Allow yourself to go to the imaginary world, write an imaginary check to yourself from the Universe with a specific amount of money you want to receive from the Universe and place that check somewhere you can see it every day morning and evening till you receive it in your real life.

The bottom line is…

Anything that manifests in the world comes from a specific cause. And it takes time practicing, repeating till it becomes powerful to manifest. So money is not an exception. If you want to be prosperous you need to condition your thoughts to have a good relationship with money.

Feel comfortable holding a huge amount of money in your hands, allow yourself to get used to it, receive it, give it away, multiply it and so forth. When you reach the stage of being really comfortable with money your check will be manifested to your real life.

Everything in the Universe comes from an idea, a piece of thought it’s an energy that can be transformed in anything depending on the direction you give it by your thought.

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  1. A positive way of thinking is healthy for yourself and to the surrounding you. This is a good article to help people see the fact that life has more to offer than money, pain, and sadness. The Bible speaks of this truth unless we renew our minds, the way we think, then there’ll no change in life.

    Thanks for this nice article. May a lot of people be able to read this so that they’ll be encouraged and sit back with a good outlook on money and life.

    • I love it so much that my post can make very good sense for you and you appreciate it.
      thank a lot for your feed back Eli.
      Many blessings to you sister.

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