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When it comes to talk to your boss about raise or talk to your boss about promotion it’s not supposed to be something to be scare of; and at the same time as you are in business it’s not a topic you are going to begin carelessly you must get it right. Here you are not going to beg for something obviously it is but you are going to prove that you deserve something more.

We will discuss ten powerful persuasive ways that you can use to show your boss you are the best for the job or you worth that raise or that promotion you are after.

1. Prepare Your Speech in advance

You don’t want to be an idiot who just starts a conversation by beginning with a question or giving a suggestion and then doesn’t even know why he did start that at the first place and how he should manage to end it.

You should already have the full picture of all what you are going to say to your boss well-prepared in advance before you approach with such topic.

In your preparation you will want to attraction the attention of your boss to all the best qualities you have that make you outstanding.

Such as: “how confident, organized and qualified you are for that raise or that promotion.

You will mention some testimonies about what you already achieved in the company and how your accomplishments positively affect the progress and goals of the company. Expose all of them with all details.

As you know this approach it’s like a second interview in your career you should always have a smile elevate your appearance while talking to your boss and never forget to let him know how much you love to work with him and love the company.

2. Avoid guessing, be Specific about Your Intentions and your goals.

It doesn’t take long and that easily happen to see a very good and sweet communication turns spicy with just a few words.

Remain positive at all time and don’t take long to answer to answer to give him an answer after he asked you a question.

Be quick but not too fast in your answers showing him that you are giving him all your attention and you have listened to every word he said.

If you are not so clear about something he said don’t just assume you understand him, you can recap what he said by asking him to rephrase his sentence or you go like:” So what you are telling me is that you would like …?” and so forth

3. Allow Yourself to Stay Rational at All Times

Remember in all interactive your impression has a big role to play because it has an impact on your interlocutor being nervous may get your boss nervous too.

You will need to be calm and full of positive energy.

You don’t want to approach your boss for a type of conversation in a situation where you just got bad news that shook you up. Or you just get upset against one of your friends who misbehaved himself by doing what he not supposes to do.

You need to choose that day, and get it appointed with your boss.

4. Take Responsibility

The Best way you are going to show your boss that you are someone who takes full responsibility of your actions at work is explaining him what your role is in a project and how plaid it. Avoid showing yourself too perfect there instead show him some points below of his expectation and then back it up with an action plan to show all actions you will be taking to get improved in the future.

Ensure that in your action plan you meet most of all his expectations so that he can see already in you what your intention is and how useful you will be for him in the next position.

5. Be Accountable for Your Actions

Remember you are talking to someone who once took a chance with you by hiring you at the beginning. It is going to be lot more easy for you to remind him how thing was when he took that risk hiring you at the first place.

Now you come to understand the job more and you have plan to get things improved by increasing the quality of services the company provides and increasing the sales record of every month. That will increase his faith in you again to launch for that second risk with you. Remember that business it’s all about risk.

6. Try to use Closed-ended Statements to show how proactive you are

Intelligent and smart employees whenever they want to show their interest or expressing their feelings about something that will take place in their working environment. They have that habit to use closed-ended statements just to be part of the project which will take place.

For instance: while you want to know exactly what will be going on you enter yourself as if you have a particular role to play in the project; you say to the organizer : I’ll follow up with you in three days to make sure we are on track, and we’ll work from there.”

Showing your interest and giving some hints to define some points about what will be going on it’s a good chance for you to be taken and assigned a particular role in the project.

7. It’s important to smile and nod when you are dealing with people.

They say smiling is contagious meaning with a simple smile you can change somebody’s mood and make his day right there. It’s for that reason people love to be around happy people.

When you are at work keep a smile on your face when you are dealing with people and with your boss; when interacting nod to show you are actively listening to what they are saying. If it’s necessary repeat part of what they say while speaking to show you understand them clearly.

While smiling don’t forget that you are at work; focus on ending each statement with a clear intention and a positive way. Act professionally no matter what issue you are dealing with.

8. Remember when talking your body has a message too to deliver

Keep an eye on your body language so that you can show a positive body language to your boos and your customers.

In any conversation when you turn your body slightly towards their direction this shows them you are listening and responding to what they are saying with interest.

Make regular eye contact, deep breath in, take your time to speak and control the tonality of your voice to not sound scary of nervous; Show confidence and professionalism.

Your posture should be straight. When you sit, sit upright with your shoulders that are back not leaned or hunched forward and, especially if you’re a woman, cross your ankles while sited. Show that you take your job and your appearance seriously at all time.

9. Knowing how to pick the right time to communicate is essential

When it comes to business timing is everything; it’s no exception on this rule when it comes to talk to your boss.

You don’t want to approach your boss with your questions when you meet him early in the morning going to his office or while working around with his colleagues doing some inspections.

You need to try approaching him on late in the afternoon when he is in between projects or on a Friday afternoon before your boss left the office for the weekend.

Remember to always prepare in advance before you head up to any meeting with your boss. Keep all your achievements ready in your head and ask if it’s a good time to talk.

You can proceed as following: “Do you have a few minutes to go over my project with the Lawful case?”

Bosses love to hear about your past experiences with clients. So briefly tell him a little of your experience with this client and then jump to what you want him for, if it’s guidance or advice be clear about what you need his help for.

Don’t forget at the end to show your boss how much you value the time he/she spent with you, leave it on a positive note is really appreciable.

10. Follow Up is the key to get you where you want to be

It’s essential to follow up on your cause. Whatever the discussion was either pay raise or promotion. Otherwise looking for help, guidance or advice etc you need to follow up within 24 to 48 hours to show your interest on your need.

Ensure that you and your boss are on the same for this cause; show him always that you love being a valuable member of his team.

Smile, nod and show appreciation for the work you’re able to do.

Conclusion …

Whenever you have to approach your boss for a talk whether it’s for a raise or you just want to express your needs to your boss, everything matters, from your body language to the words you use to get your message across to him.

Remember to stay positive, spread confidence and prepare what you’re going to say in advance to avoid being speechless and to maximize your success.

I really appreciate and value your precious time putting aside out of your busy day and personal activities to read my article, thank you for reading.


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