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Success sometimes sounds like a mysterious word for most people in the world. Don’t you want to know why? Well, it’s simple to notice that; it’s something that happens very often, we experience it most of the time in our life. If, I am not wrong you are actually in a situation that can explain it.

You know what is funny it’s so simple you would never believe if that simple thing would be the subject of all the failure in people’s lives all around the world. They simply don’t know what they want. For that reason they don’t think success is real and achievable you must be a magic person to achieve success.

Here are 3 simple tips to a successful life that can wipe out that myth for you if you have it too.

Don’t you ever realize that your thought patterns go oppositely to the direction you want them to go? Here is what I mean: instead of point your mind to what you want you unconsciously direct it to what you don’t want.

Here are some examples:

I am not that smart I can’t do that; although within you, you want to say that you can be that smart you can to do that. Who want to hear negative things about then? No one. But unconsciously we get tricked by our mind.

When you are thinking of your finance you mostly think of what you spend instead of focus more on how much you have to make for the month. People  usually say:” Does the bill come yet for this month? Instead of saying this month you are going to have our income double.

Am I right or wrong? Yes I know this kind of thinking is a thought pattern of most people in the world that is the reason they educate their children by telling them WHAT NOT TO DO about things without giving them the reason why to not do that, Instead of telling them WHAT TO DO.

And then this is where the funny part takes place; more you focus on what you don’t want more that way of thinking prevents you from attracting the success you want in your life.

Instead of manifesting more love, more happiness, more money, more friends, you end up manifesting more stress, more anxiety, more enemies, more sadness, more misfortune in your life by just trying to avoid them you have eyes on them only so what? You attract them because you have been focus too much.

What makes the difference between the self millionaires and the unsuccessful people?

The difference is that, self millionaires have a desire for everything they would love to have or experience in their life; so they allow their feelings and emotions taste it. This is where they fall most of the time in a deep moment of imagination because of their desires.

But unsuccessful people have a WISH for things and experiences they would love to go through in life; that’s the reason they tend to forget everything they thought  about a minute ago.

So, today I want to help you to develop the mindset of a successful person by teaching you these three simple tips to program your mind for wealth and success.

These tips have help many people I am actually scrubbing shoulders with; some great successful people that have helped me change my mindset and I hope that these tips can also help you to get on the path of achieving great success in your life.

Tip number 1: Allow yourself to set a specific goal

The reason why you need a goal it’s because the goal is what will determine your directions whether you are serious about getting something or not. Without a goal you are like piece of straw that the wind is blowing from a space to another one.

You are unstable and change mind every day. So you won’t go anywhere and won’t achieve anything with a mindset like that.

Let’s think about the reason you really need a goal

  • How would you know where you are if you don’t have a goal?
  • What will help you to determine your progress from where you start to where you actually are?
  • How would you know if you actually get what you are after?
  • Why do you really want to have or experience what you are aiming at for your life experience?

These questions can help you out, on setting up goals and the intention behind it to move toward success. Let’s say that you want to have your own house. That is a goal, now you want to specify it. How big you want it? what color you would love it to be?

Should it have garage or not? Garden or not? in a way to help you have a nice picture of that house in your mind. When you reach this level you will start to believe you can have it and your subconscious mind will start to work for you.

People tend to ask questions like: How to get that and when? These 2 questions are tricky, they can make you fall into doubt and make you change mind each time you don’t see anything happen yet; till you never reach anything in life by changing mind from time to time.

The How to and When is the job of the universe with your subconscious mind that’s not for you all you need is a specific goal, a direction. ASK, KNOCK and SEEK that’s what you have to do and Universe will take care.

Tip number 2: Allow yourself to intention your goal

It’s really important to intention your goal, to know the exact reason why you need to have that house.

You might need to have that house because you are homeless, you might want to have it because you have a strong desire to move to another place, you might be looking for peace, more security; or you have a challenge to combat in your life. At least you need to have a good reason.

How about if you have a bad reason?

Well the main thing to make something manifest in your life it’s a reason; whether it’s a good one or a bad one only the result will determine if it was good or bad. Your feelings your heart and your conscious mind will either applaud you or condemn you when the intention of that house manifest. Without a reason it’s 95% impossible to see a result.

Here is the secret of success you don’t want to miss out. When you want something and you are passionate about it with a great determination to have it; it’s a million times more powerful than just wanting something out of fear, so it’s important that your reasons are positive and motivating.

It’s the intention of your goal that will keep you moving whatever difficulty you encounter in the way of achieving your success. Most of the time it’s not what you want that keeps you moving it’s the intention behind it. You never see a hungry lion that is hunting its prey.

It will not give up till it gets it. Why? It is not hunting that other animal for it’s prey because of the animal itself, but it is hunting it because of its hunger that’s why it will not give up. So the lion has a reason. What’s yours?

Tip number 3: Allow yourself to see in your mind what you are after in life so that you achieve that success.

The last step is to allow yourself to see your goal, stuck in front of your eyes every day to stimulate your subconscious mind to do the work for you and for you to not tend to change mind along the way.

That’s the reason some people love to practice visualization to stay attached to their goals, some using pictures, vision board in a way to keep their subconscious mind working on one particular think to make it manifest in their life.

From my experience most of my big goal take about 5 years or more to manifest in my life. it’s when I find myself to almost forget about it, it takes place.

My first goal was to traveling the whole world I was 12 years old. It came to pass I start traveling the world at 26 years old now I am 35 I already traveled to Europe, Asia, America, Oceania what’s left is only Africa so did I know how Will I do it or when? No, I didn’t it was I big desire to see the world and it manifested fest.

So now I want to suggest you to implement in your world the habit of visualizing yourself achieving the goal you have set; allow yourself to see every day a picture of your dreams to let you feel how you will be in that moment when your dreams become true.

Whatever your dream is, the more you practice visualization the more likely it is to become your reality. Your subconscious mind sets out to attract into your life the things you think about the MOST. So make sure that the things you think about are things you really want.

Keep going over  these three steps and as these thoughts, images and feelings of achieving success are absorbed through repetition by your subconscious mind you will soon find your life starting to change to an amazing way you would never dreamed possible.

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