Hi, Junior Fortune here, welcome to “mind movies, one of the most powerful visualization on line”.

“What is mind movies?” Many think about movies like great films when they see the words “mind movies”, well in a sense it’s a kind of movie or a kind of film. But not like an ordinary movie like those you used to watch on your favorite Chanel TV.

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I’m sorry to let you know that because if you are here looking for an especial movie to watch tonight with the family or with your sweet heart I can’t help you here sorry; you can leave the page now to not waste your time. What I want to help you discover here it’s something very powerful that’s can make you change your life and shape it into whatever type of lifestyle you want to leave, sound great right? Are you interested to discover it? If you answer is YES let’s go.

Do you know about the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”? Do you believe it? You might not if you don’t even know what is it about neither how it works. The law of attraction is one of the top great law of the nature they systematize it like this: when you really want something you don’t have you practice these methods of the law of attraction to make what you want manifesting in your life.

So you proceed that way: Having a great desire of something, believe that you can have it or experience it in your life, visualize it in your mind by repetition many days till you have a thought habit then your subconscious mind will take action to make it manifest in your life, when you really believe and accept it as true for you. That is the law of attraction. For more details about the law of attraction check the link down here. The Law Of Attraction 

So the mind movies itself is a booster of the law of attraction, it helps you to make your dreams become true in a shorter time than if you were trying it naturally. So how does it work?

As a digital vision board the “Mind movies” it’s an online creation kit that allows you to create for yourself some short powerful movies filled with uplifting images, videos; you use as well positive powerful motivation affirmations, emotionally inspiring audio music tracks to make that movie concerning  what you really want to manifest in your life.

In one word I can say it’s a system made to teach you the power of visualization and how to do it in a professionally manner. If you don’t know how to meditate and how to visualize your goals to shape your life and change your life through your thoughts this is an awesome program for you I recommend it to you.

What is in Mind movies for you?

As I told you before it’s like a white large screen in front of you to draw the type of life you want for your future all the tools are provided to you and instructions as well to guide you on the way to achieve your goals. You have an unlimited support access any time you need help.

When you become a member of Mind Movies you will get access to

  • The online Mind Movies creation Kit which allows you to create an infinite number of customized movies.
  • Stet by step dream crystallization video class to help you discover what you really want and how to craft your movies for best results
  • And finally you will receive loads of great free BONUS value over $1000

How much is this course?

It’s a one time payment till you achieve your goal and set up other ones to keep going as long as you want, it’s $97 only you can choose the split pay option to pay $ 58.99 in two times if you  want.

You can buy yours here

How about if I don’t like the program?

Unless you don’t know what you are looking for to face this program and give it up; I never meet someone like that. Anyway just in case you change your mind. Here is what the Co-founder and his Natalie Ledwell and her Friend Bob Proctor of Mind Movies do for people who have no clue of what is it about. They tell you about themselves and give you 6 pre-made Mind Movies for free to test no credit cart required.

How many Programs does Mind Movies offer?

Well that is a great question it sounds like you are looking for a quick result in your life.

Mind Movies offers this list  of programs to the world.

  • Mind Movies 4.0 PLF
  • Mind Movies Matrix
  • Ultimate Success Masterclass
  • Mind Mastery World Summit
  • Subliminal Success Accelerator
  • Law of Attraction 101
  • Manifesting with the Masters
  • Money Flow Meditation
  • Never In Your Wildest Dreams

This program has 8 professionally produced Mind Movies already done for you not like the first one where you have to do your own movies. It covers 4 different topics. 1- Relationships 2- Money 3- Weight Loss and the Perfect Partner.

Each topic has 2 movies one set laced with brainwave entrainment and the other laced with subliminal messaging. You have 4 subliminal audios on each topic plus sleep meditations plus lots of bonuses.

Price: $297 lifetime or $ 197 x 2 split option.

Access Your Mind Movies Matrix here.

The Ultimate Success Master Class it’s really a class for you. The main goal of this interactive coaching program is to get you achieve your ultimate # 1 goal. It’s on a highly interactive platform created in house.

This program includes a weekly teleseminar call, as well as video and audio training, downloadable worksheets, mastery exercises, additional bonuses and access to a community forum where you can connect directly with Natalie and other Ultimate Masterclass members receive unlimited support whenever needed.

The program includes

  • Create a Positive Vibration
  • Set a Clear Intention
  • Create Empowering Affirmations
  • Activate the Law of Attraction
  • Take Inspired Action
  • Eliminate Self-limiting Beliefs
  • Define Your Core Value
  • Find Your Passions
  • Break Through Your Challenges
  • Use Your thoughts & Language for Success
  • Stay Connected to Source
  • Put it All together.

How Much all of these?

$477 one-time payment or multi-payment option is still available for you too in this one.

Where to buy it?

Go here and buy yours.

Why should I trust your information Junior?

I love this question congratulation on it. Mostly people who make researches about a product to present a review to help others sometimes they make a video testimonial to try to convince people about a product. They do it sometimes to brag or to bluff you on it.

Me, I don’t like any of them; I love to take people to the place to let them see for themselves, Even my life story nor my success I don’t really talk about them online.

Here is what I love : if I tell you about T-have Eker you want to know about him I tell go here, I tell you about Lisa Nichols you want to know about her I tell you go here, about Oprah, David Bunney etc

As today, you come across to learn about Mind Movies I can tell you if you want to know about the founder Natalie Lebwell what i am going to tell you is:

Go here on her personal site to find out about her, her life story etc or click on her Picture bellow

She is a Law of attraction expert, bestselling author and speaker. Natalie also host an online TV show, and she as well is a co-founder of the personal development company Mind Movies, which offers online courses and coaching programs. Natalie is very passionate about helping other people in the world to achieve their ultimate goal through personal transformation.

I might tell you everything you want to know so far you get 95% of all what you should know to take the leap to start a wonderful journey toward what you want for yourself in life.


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  1. Hey Junior, I’ve seen something similar before on YouTube with several self/sleep hypnosis videos that people have put out, but this looks like taking it to the next level. I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind and suggestions and how you can actually help shape your destiny by surrounding yourself with positive stimuli.

    • Hi Dave
      I am glad my post has reached you; thank you for your comment.
      Actually i’am not so sure if it’s a question you ask me.

      if your question is : “How you can actually help shape your destiny by surrounding yourself with positive stimuli?
      I will tell you i have a great answer for you that will totally help you to shape your destiny by renewing mind
      Check this out on my personal site. http://www.juniorfortune.com/wfc/#.W2vNgdJKiW8

  2. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about mind movies and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great review for mind movies.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


    • I am so happy you find it useful
      You make me feel so proud of being able to help somebody.

      Many more are coming.
      Take care Ali.

  3. Hey Junior,
    I’ve got panic attack for a couple of months, tried with some therapy program only to find they are craps. Can any of your stuffs work for me?

    • Hi Brian
      Thank you for dropping me that line.
      Well, you said that you have got panic attack as you have tried some therapy programs i don’t know what kind of therapy you have tried. if you were suffering of a stroke maybe you would probably have a physical issue in that case a physical therapy program would be very helpful for you.

      So if your case is not something like that then the panic you have could be more mental than you can imagine. i can give you something that will this job for you it’s “The revolutionary mindset “hack” that can free you from the negative circumstances that are holding you back… it can even turn them into positives!

      if you want to give it a try go check it out here.

      My advise for you is Follow the instructions how they are given to you and don’t quit if you really want success
      after reading the free ebook you will know what to do.

      I’ll be waiting for your feedback
      Sincerely Junior Fortune

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